About Us

Md. Abdul Hakim Khan
From the Chairman

"Mychoice" & "Myone" is one of the top Bangladeshi manufacturer & assembler of Refrigerator, Freezer and Television towards the top business groups in the country operating with a great reputation and business excellence since 1993. With 21 years of business experience, Myone Energy Limited has become a sensation in the arena of Electrical, Electronics & Home Appliances. We are assembling and manufacturing Refrigerator, Freezer, Television, stabilizer, AC, Iron, Ceiling Fon, Table Fan, Stand Fan, Rice Cooker, Electric kettle, Induction Cooker, Infrared Cooker & Blender in our factory at Moiran, Gazipur and going to signify as one of the top manufacturing plant at Trishal, Mymenshing in Bangladesh within near future.

"Mychoice" & "Myone" is manufacturing & importing products with modern technology, innovative design, excellent quality and a wide range of models & capacities. The main products of "Myone" are available as Refrigerator & Freezer, Water Pump, Motorcycle, Voltage Stabilizer and the bp "Mychoice" products available are Television (LED, LCD, CRT), Refrigerator & Freezer, AC, Iron, Ceiling Fan, Table Fan, Stand Fan, Rice Cooker, Electric kettle, Induction Cooker, Infrared Cooker & Blender and many more are in the product line to be introduced gradually. We have established our mother brand "Myone" in 2002, which got wide acceptance to the mass people within a short period and got the trademark of another new brand "Mychoice" in 2008, which also running successfully. The growth and development of "Mychoice" & "Myone" has been continuously supported by our experienced and professional management & marketing team and expert engineers. We have been pursuing innovation to reinforce our competitiveness and to maintain our crucial position in the industry. After all "Mychoice" & "Myone" has been at the cutting edge of Research and Development in its field for the long periods. The continuing development of the most modern business strategy makes continuous improvement of products & services possible.

"Mychoice" & "Myone" guarantees to deliver high quality products and services that exceed our customer's raising expectations driven by the advancement of technology in the industry.